A couple of questions:

- is running elitist or egalitarian?
- do u have to run in a turkey trot?
A turkey trot is ??? meters
The Hungry World, Nick Cullather 2010
Taylorism refers to the ideas of Frederick Winslow Taylor ideas of regimented factory management of every aspect of the worker's life for the sake of efficiency.
diet culture, WWII ideas of rationing. calories, eating too much, is wasting. you don't want to over-consume because you don't want to overrun the national resources of lard or...
TURKEY TROT: a national project
If you've done a good job of glycogen-loading during the several days before the race and topped off before the start, you'll have stored about 2,000 to 2,400 calories of glycogen. During the marathon, a typical 145-pound male burns about 100 calories per mile. Of those 100 calories, about 80 are supplied by carbohydrates and the remaining 20 by fat (this proportion varies depending on fitness and how hard you race), and you need about 2,100 calories of carbohydrates in the marathon (80 x 26.2 miles) and don't have much of a buffer against glycogen depletion. Sports drinks and energy gels are the solution to ensure you have the carbohydrates you need to get through the race.

Pete Pfitzinger, Runner's World Magazine 10/15/2012
charity *and* sisyphean pursuit of health rolled into one pretense for social activity.
false communities perpetuating the invention of thanksgiving as a holiday for humble reflection, a constant opportunity for rehashing the incomplete.
occupying settler colonialist
reparations? repatriation? recognition of indigenous sovereignty?
the cartoonification of a species takes us one step further from the reality of the perpetual violence. is the goal of a trot to play as if you are running from the slaughterhouse?
You can definitely walk
in on the joke
How many turkey trots is my thanksgiving dinner?
Brad Stulberg, Outside Magazine 3/8/2017
i don't eat turkeys i fuck 'em
there is no possible reform for the turkey trot.

the only solution is to get rid of the thanksgiving tradition itself.
You don't need an excuse to run. But a reason to run with a group of people is nice.
do people who don't like running need an excuse (such as a holiday) to run?
I do love to do things with people, especially exercise. And I do love ritual i.e. traditions i.e. things to look forward to in the future. things that make little chapter markers to life so you know that such and such thing happened before such and such date because someone was there that day and they weren't on crutches so it must have been before the turkey trot because that's when they fell down and it was all very funny until we saw that it was not funny and they were seriously injured but it was good in fact that the ambulance was what they had actually knocked into in the first place!

That said—I will be fine if there's no turkey trot. I will be fine if there's no big dinner. If I am alive, I think I'll be fine.
Gabriel's Turkey Trot Questions