- Invite people to meeting

- Do some initial formatting of homepage

- how are we going to do this?

- set a time to meet by the end of the month

- poem-an-hour event

- meet every week, make a thing

- Does a TTS speech reader work with HotGlue. Can we make a tts compatible wordpress version of things?
- What limitations coding-wise do we have?
- Open captions & multiple formats (audio should be transcribed or have a visual transposition and visa versa)
- MayFirst tools:,, emails, Adium

Projects we could host here
- Digestable
- Poetry month email thread
- Das podcast
Travis and Gabriel as regional coordinators

Monthly 2 hr meetings to share/develop/talk which are archived as the periodical

Ad-hoc events
Come take up residence in an interstitial place: a place to pool our creative practices to explore the spaces in-between.

we (Travis & Gabriel) are putting together a collective of artists that gather around a website ( and a web-zine collectively created each month!

What we're asking from you:
- Make something every month
- Doesn't have to be big or finished or perfect, just something you want to contribute to the zine.
- Failure is important. If you try something and it doesn't work out that's important and worth sharing!
- Accessibility is key! If you're making a video, give it open captions, if you're writing a text, record an audio version. This helps
make sure that everyone has some kind of access to the zine & website and stretches us to unfamiliar and challenging places in
our practice! If you don't know how to make your work more widely accessible, we're all in this together and can help one

- Attend the monthly editorial meeting.
- Our plan is to meet once a month for 2 hours over Zoom or Jitsi to chat, share what each person has made, and assemble it into
the month's web-zine page. The zine will then be sent out via mailing list to subscribers. Each issue is supposed to be a quick and
dirty glimpse into what everyone is doing!

What you get:
- Occupiers of this interstitial place are co-op owners of the website and the tools MayFirst Movement
Techonology (we're a co-op within a co-op!) which include
- custom email addresses and listservs
- livestreaming and webconferencing through and
- file and podcast hosting
- Wordpress and HotGlue site building: if you want to put a project online or make a personal bio webpage we can do that!
- And OF COURSE a community of artistic collaborators and creative from all around the world (mostly Brooklyn
and Dublin atm but hey!)
We want to make ourselves, our skills, tools, and connections available to one another
because community is the most important asset we have!

Other things that may happen
- We want to do other fun ad-hoc things with the group like durational performances or workshops as well as drinks and fun times! These wouldn't be required and Gabriel & Travis aren't the only ones who can propose them, but they'll be fun and quirky!

- Collaboration
- Accessibility
- Failure
- Interdisciplinarity
- Universal Liberation

- It isn't expensive to run the website but it does cost a little bit of money. Dues aren't required but if you want to help Travis out with expenses they're tabulated here.